5th HRD Ministerial Meeting

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Meeting Overview

The 5th HRD Ministerial Meeting was held 16-17 September 2010 in Beijing, P.R. China.

The APEC Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG) was established in 1990. Over the past 20 years, the HRDWG has held four ministerial meetings with the last meeting taking place in 2001.  During the 16th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Lima, China proposed to host the 5th HRD Ministerial Meeting in Beijing in 2010. One year later China hosted the meeting where President Hu urged enhanced regional cooperation.

The unprecedented financial crisis impacted the world of work, resulting in increasing unemployment of working poor.  The 5th HRD Ministerial Meeting provided a forum for the ministers to share knowledge and experience in their response to the economic and job crisis and deliberate over how to achieve inclusive growth through adopting employment-oriented macro policies, developing human resources and improving social safety nets. It also discussed how to enhance HRD cooperation across APEC economies, identifying priorities for work of the HRDWG in years to come and contributing to the goal “to support growth and prosperity in the Asia and Pacific Region through free and open trade and investment”.

Meeting Theme and Subthemes

Based on the dicussion at the 31st HRDWG meeting in Chicago and the consultation followed, the theme and sub-themes are set as follows:

Sub-theme and Lead

Description and Resources

Sub-theme I

  • Lead: China

Devote priority attention to maintaining and expanding employment and adopt employment-oriented macro econimic polices.

Sub-theme II

  • Lead: United States

Improve social safety net and reinforce social protection and employment assistance for the vulnerable groups.

Sub-theme III

  • Leads: New Zealand and the Philippines

Enhance human resources capacity building and prepare the workforce to revitalize economic growth.

Summary Technical Paper HRD Ministerial Summary Technical Paper

Gender and cooperation among APEC economies are recommended as cross cutting issues to which due attendtion should be given during the above discussions.

Preparation of the subtheme and the Ministerial presentations products will be coordinated with the case studies being prepared for the HRD project on the economic crisis

Meeting Outputs

The meeting's main outputs include :

  1. Joint Ministerial Statement
    Purpose:  To reaffirm the leader’s declarations and statements on HRD and employment promotion, reiterate the mandates on APEC HRD put forth by the preceding HRD Ministerial meetings and the HR Capacity Building Summit Meeting in 2001, acknowledge APEC activities, summarize the consensus reached by the 5th Ministerial meeting, set guidelines for APEC long-term HRD and make recommendations to the leaders on how to address the post-crisis employment issues and support the inclusive growth strategy through improved HRD activities.
  2. Action Plan
    Purpose: To provide a road map and identify HRDWG priorities to realize the objectives of Ministerial Joint Statement and the inclusive growth strategy, and recommend the future activities/projects to reinforce partnership and cooperation among APEC economies in the area of employment promotion, social protection and skills development. Due consideration should be given to the on-going projects and the emerging demands by the social dimensions of the crisis and economic globalization.
  3. APEC Skills Development Promotion Project
    Purpose: To build capacity of vocational trainers of developing economies, along with policy dialogues, human exchanges and high-standard training material and skills qualifications development. The project answers the call of the 5th APEC HRD Ministerial Meeting to recognize the significant role of human resources development in advancing APEC growth strategy, particularly inclusive growth.
  4. A Multi-year Technical Cooperation Project.
    Purpose: To answer the call of the Leaders to “develop a multi-year programme to build capacity for structural reform and SME develoment, employment creation and the development of social safety nets. It also responds to the on-going APEC efforts to work from multi-year plans. It serves as an important vehicle to translate the Joint Statement and the Action Plan into tangible activities and is aimed at promoting HRD cooperation among economies.


The Ministers will be supported by resources developed by recent APEC activities including:



5th HRD Ministerial Meeting in Beijing in 2010

This site, created by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, provides further information and resources related to the 5th HRD Ministerial Meeting in Beijing.

APEC active and passive labour market interventions in response to the economic crisis

This paper examines the active and passive labour market interventions in APEC member economies in response to the economic crisis as part of HRDWG's ongoing project Human Resource Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis

HRDWG presentation to the Economic Committee (EC)

This presentation was presented by HRDWG at the joint HRDWG -- EC meeting.

EC presentation at the joint HRD WG -- EC meeting

This presentation on structural reform was presented by the Executive Committee at the joint HRDWG -- EC meeting.

Planning Steps

This presentation given in Feburary 2010 by Jiang Mohui, of China provides the planning steps including milestones for preperation of the HRD Ministers' Meeting

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