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E-learning refers to a new type of educational instruction in which the student utilizes online resources to gain knowledge without direct interaction with a teacher.  Representatives of the APEC economies discussed e-learning in the 2006 Symposium on Open Source and Open Course for E-learning, held in Hanoi, Viet Nam.  This innovative technology has many uses, including learning other languages, and can be a beneficial pedagogical tool.

As background for foreign language learning, the APEC website for youth is updated with the latest information on all 21 member economies.

The following table contains samples of e-language learning programs relevant to APEC Members.

Programs developed by APEC Economies


Curriculum Materials - Languages.  Online resources for children learning Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian languages, based on scenarios and games.  Part of the National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Schools Strategy to enhance understanding of key Asian languages and cultures.


Tool based on an interactive, game-based environment, designed to assist Chinese and American students aged 12-18 in learning each other's languages.

Hanban - Online Learning.  Several online resources from the Office of Chinese Language Council International, including lesson programs and games for a variety of learners.

Chinese Taipei

Global Chinese Language and Culture.  Site from Taipei with online instruction in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hakka languages, with links to other e-learning projects.

Programs to Learn Specific Languages


Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online

15 Unit course of study in basic conversational skills.  Items written in Chinese characters and pinyin with available audio.  Includes practice sections at end of each unit.


Free Chinese-English dictionary, along with translation tools, links, and assistance with learning Chinese characters.


Multi-player, web-based game that allows the player to interact with others while exploring a virtual world and learning Chinese language and culture.


British Council – LearnEnglish

Contains links to numerous activities, games, and other tools for acquiring English skills, with sections for children, adults, and professionals.

Open Language Learning Initiative

Game-based learning system designed to introduce American English and culture to middle school Chinese students. Developed by Coastline Community College as an open source, leaving it adaptable to the many needs of diverse students.  In production and expected to be released early 2009.


Virtual Language Center

Collection of English learning tools and resources developed for college-level students.  Created by National Taiwan Normal University.

Voice of America

Voice of America helps people understand their world.  It helps people learn American English while they learn about American life and stay informed about world news and developments in science.