Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG)

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As part of its effort for sustainable economic development, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is concerned with human resources, the productive capacity of people to think and do in the workplace. Human resource development activities within the APEC are carried out through the Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG).

With advancing technology and increasing global trade driving dramatic changes in the 21st Century Workforce, human resource development is increasingly important in the APEC region and around the world. Advances in technology diminish the need for humans to perform routine work skills and increases the opportunity for humans to do complex work skills. Expanding globalization produces growth and competitiveness for skilled workers. By improving employment quality and stability and strengthening skills development, the HRDWG is working to ensure sustainable human capacity building so all members of society have access to good jobs.

 HRDWG Mission and Objectives 

The HRDWG's mission is to share knowledge, experience, and skills to strengthen human resource development and promote sustainable economic growth.

A streamlined and focused set of objectives guide the three HRDWG networks in achieving the HRDWG mission:

  • Develop 21st Century Knowledge and Skills For All
  • Integrate HRD into the Global Economy
  • Address the Social Dimensions of Globalization

 HRDWG Networks 

Building the 21st Century workforce requires strengthening of education, labor and the human capacity of organizations. The Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG) conducts its business through three networks. Each network oversees a set of projects that support the achievement of APEC and HRDWG objectives to support human resource development in the Pacific Rim. These networks are:

Lead Shepherd Dr. Sergey Ivanets chairing the 37th HRDWG Plenary Meeting

 HRDWG Strategic Objectives 

The HRDWG Terms of Reference were established in 2007 and the Terms of Reference were crafted to strengthen HRDWG's mission, objectives, and strategic operations and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of HRDWG activities.

The HRDWG Workplan describes the activities and plans for the working group based on the overall mission of: “Sharing knowledge, experience, and skills to strengthen human resource development and promote sustainable economic growth.”

 HRDWG Meeting Summaries and Resources 

Visit the APEC Meeting Document Database for more HRDWG resources.

Delegates to the 35th HRDWG Meeting in Medan, Indonesia cheering "Horas!"