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APEC Education Ministers at the 5th APEC Education Ministerial Meeting in Gyeongju, Korea continued to recognize language learning as a priority for the APEC Education Network (EDNET) in their joint statement:

  • "We agree on the importance of further refinement of educational responses in the following directions.... Support foreign language education throughout students’ academic careers and develop a system to nurture and train highly qualified language education teachers who also reflect cultural diversity."

Because we now live in a global economy, being able to speak others' languages and communicate in culturally sensitive ways is essential to trade and to other forms of international exchange. Projects undertaken to improve foreign language education include conducting surveys of member economies' policies regarding multilingualism and multiculturalism, as well as encouraging the use of lesson-study to strengthen foreign language teaching skills through online demonstrations and videos.


This portal contains information about current and ongoing projects related to language learning, as well as relevant reports and external links.

APEC Project Activities

APEC projects respond to the Ministers' vision for developing the language learning area. Recent project activities include:

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Image from APEC's recent seminar on language standards

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Key Topics and Resources

APEC Reports

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Language Learning Topics:

Language Learning Resources: