Science Curriculum and Instruction

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A curriculum is a course or path. It is meant to be connected and integrated and it should lead to educational attainment. The goal of a science curriculum is a thorough understanding of scientific concepts necessary to succeed in the workplace and to thrive in one's daily life.  Curriculum materials should be chosen to fit the science education policy that has been articulated and founded in Science Standards. This practice is called science instruction. The Education Network has made science education a priority for member economies, and APEC has supported many projects, activities, and research to further the goals of developing competent and effective science teachers and engaged and learning students. 

APEC Activities on Science Curriculum and Instruction


Resources from APEC Members


The State of Education Reform in Chile in the Field of Science Education

P.R. China

Innovation on Science Curriculum in China

P.R. China

The Recent Reform of School Science Curriculum in China


Malaysia: An Evaluation of Teaching of Science in English in a Rural School in Sabah

New Zealand

New Zealand: The Impact of Quality Assessment Information on Teaching and Learning in Science Classrooms


School-Based Training Program (SBTP) for Science and Mathematics Teachers: The Philippines Experience

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei: Fifty Years of K-12 Science Education

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei: Promising Practices in Mathematics and Science Instruction

United States

United States: The No Child Left Behind Act: The Facts About Science Achievement

Additional APEC Resources

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