Skills for Success in Multinational Business

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The global economy demands new knowledge and skills of its workforce. Employees need to be able to work productively in culturally diverse societies and communicate effectively across international boundaries. Workers in multinational corporations must be able to speak and write in foreign languages, demonstrate knowledge of world issues, and use a broad range of new technology in unprecedented ways. These broad skills represent a few of the 21st Century Competencies that many APEC member economies have been defining and integrating into educational systems.

International Education Week celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange. As part of this celebration, the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) has created these pages to help aspiring young people explore the knowledge, skills, and attitudes – the 21st Century Competencies -- that they need on their path to becoming the multinational business leaders of the future.


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  • What Bosses Want: This article provides insight on the skill sets and traits that appeal most to employers. In the technical industry, personal characteristics such as adapatability are considered to be as important as academic achievements.
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